Advantages Of Heavy Aromatic Solvents For Agrochemicals Production

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Earth’s population is growing every day, the demand for food, feed, and fuel keeps on increasing as the cultivable land cover decreases. To cope up with the problem, we have to grow more crops on limited land.

Agrochemicals or Pesticides, also known as crop protection products are used to protect crops from diseases and pests that damage the crop and therefore increase our food supply. Modern tools, technologies, and agrochemicals are used to increase crop yields and quality. Agrochemical Industry develops new technologies that are safe and easy to use, cost-effective, and meet changing regulations.

advantages of using heavy aromatic solvents in agrochemicals

High-purity and tailor-made solvents are very important for the agrochemical industry. Heavy aromatic solvents must be of high quality that helps to increase crop production and also protects against crop damage. Arham Petrochem provides a range of heavy aromatic solvents in the agrochemical industry for the best possible solutions.

We supply heavy aromatic solvents to agrochemical formulators. At Arham Petrochem, we know about the requirements for crop protection products. For the last 23 years, we have been the industry leader in manufacturing and supplying heavy aromatic solvents for Agrochemicals. We supply major agrochemical producers with high-quality aromatic solvents for active ingredients(AIs).

Advantages of using Heavy Aromatic Solvent For Agrochemicals

  • Great Solvency helps agrochemical formulators to use the solvents in sensitive formulations for effective performance
  • Consistent high purity solvents having more than 99% aromatic hydrocarbons
  • A very stable solution for active ingredients(AI) in the long term
  • Stable ingredients having multiple functions in the agrochemicals field
  • Low Naphthalene and Extra Low Naphthalene grades availability for better quality

We have a series of heavy aromatic solvent series that contains Heavy Aromatic Solvent 150, Heavy Aromatic Solvent 200, and naphthalene depleted options such as Solvent Naphtha 150 ND and Solvent Naphtha 200 ND that increase crop production and reduce crop damage. The naphthalene depleted series (also known as low-naphthalene or ultra-low naphthalene series) help to protect the environment and fulfill label requirements set by European standards.

Contact us to get more info about the Heavy Aromatic Solvents and get the best quality solvents with consistent quality

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