Ink Oil is a colorless, odorless, and chemically stable hydrocarbon solvent that is mainly used in the ink industry. It is a highly refined aliphatic petroleum solvent that is obtained after removing olefinic and aromatic solvents in presence of water. Ink Oil is having a selective distillation range and low polycyclic aromatic level that provides excellent solvency to pigments and resins for better performance.

Arham Petrochem manufactures Ink Oil that has a high boiling point and low vapor pressure and is mainly composed of naphthenic fractions and normal paraffin of a petroleum distillate. Contact us to get the best ink oil for your business today.


Sr. No. Characteristics Rolling Oil 55 Rolling Oil 56 Rolling Oil 57 Unit
1 Color 0.0 0.0 0.0 ASTM
2 Appearance Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid Visual
3 Specific Gravity@ 15°C 0.80-0.82 0.81-0.83 0.82-0.84
4 Flash Point – COC. 110 Min  120Min 130 Min °C
5 Aromatic Content 2 Max 2 Max 2 Max %
6 Acidity 0.005 Max 0.005 Max 0.005 Max KOH/mg/gm
7 K. Viscosity @ 37.8°C / 40°C 2.0 Min 2.5 Min 3.5 Min Cst
8 Boiling Range  As under As under  As under
Initial Boiling Point 240 Min 250 Min 260 Min  °C
Final Boiling Point 290 Max 300 Max 310 Max  °C
9 Sulfur Content  10 Max  10 Max  10 Max ppm