Aliphatic Solvents(also known as Paraffins or Paraffinic Hydrocarbons) do not contain a benzene ring and hence they are also known as non-aromatic solvents. They are obtained by doing distillation of crude oil at a proper boiling point range fraction in the form of a mixture of saturated, branched-chain, straight-chain, or cyclic paraffin. They are also known as aliphatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic compounds. 

Aliphatic Solvents are different from Aromatic Solvents as they don’t contain Xylene or Toluene. After obtaining them during the distillation process, they are further treated to improve their odor and color. 

Arham Petrochem manufacturers having low aromatic content (less than 1%) and lower sulfur levels(<1ppm) and water white color. We offer saturated paraffinic solvents and unsaturated olefinic solvents as per the requirements. Our offerings consist of Mineral Turpentine Oil(MTO), n-Hexane, Aluminium Rolling Oil, Spray Oil, and Base Oil Stock. 

Applications Of Aliphatic Solvents 

Aliphatic Solvents are very versatile. They are less toxic than aromatic compounds and have low water solubility. They are used in industries like Aerosol, Metal Working, Adhesives, Paints and Coatings, Sealants, Water Treatment, Refining, Thinners, Oil Extraction, Degreasing, Rubber Manufacturing, Corrosion Inhibitors, Disinfectants, and Lubricants. 

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n- Hexane
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Mineral Turpentine Oil
Mineral Turpentine Oil
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Aluminium Rolling Oil
Aluminium Rolling Oil
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Spray Oil (Orchard and Rubber)
Spray Oil
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Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly
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Base Oil Stock
Base Oil Stock - Group 1
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