Aluminium Rolling Oil is a mineral oil having low viscosity that is specially developed for cold rolling oil operation of aluminium foils, sheets, or strips. It is a colorless, transparent liquid that is produced from the raw or hydro-finished middle distillate.

The high IBP and narrow boiling ranges reduce the rate of evaporation that brings down the consumption of oil (also known as Roll Coolant). The roll coolant provides good cooling and lubrication during metal reduction operations having low sulfur and low aromatics. The oiliness property of coolant helps to reduce friction and eases the metal reduction process.

Arham produces Aluminium Rolling Oil that is non-corrosive and non-staining fluid and has great additive solubility. Contact us now for more info.

Technical Specifications

Sr. No. Characteristics Rolling Oil 55 Rolling Oil 56 Rolling Oil 57 Unit
1 Color 0.0 0.0 0.0 ASTM
2 Appearance Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid Visual
3 Specific Gravity@ 15°C 0.80-0.82 0.81-0.83 0.82-0.84
4 Flash Point – COC. 110 Min  120Min 130 Min °C
5 Aromatic Content 2 Max 2 Max 2 Max %
6 Acidity 0.005 Max 0.005 Max 0.005 Max KOH/mg/gm
7 K. Viscosity @ 37.8°C / 40°C 2.0 Min 2.5 Min 3.5 Min Cst
8 Boiling Range  As under As under  As under
Initial Boiling Point 240 Min 250 Min 260 Min  °C
Final Boiling Point 290 Max 300 Max 310 Max  °C
9 Sulfur Content  10 Max  10 Max  10 Max ppm
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