ARH-D30 is a dearomatized hydrocarbon fluid having low odor and low aromatic content. It has a low boiling range and an optimal flashpoint for usage in various industrial products.

Arham Petrochem produces low aromatic solvents that have applications in the blanket wash, coatings, metal works, aerosols, cleanings, and other consumer products. Contact us now to get a free quote for the same.

Technical Specification

Sr. No. Parameter Test Method SALES SPECS Unit
1 Initial Boiling Point ASTM D 86 135 Min °C
2 Final Boiling Point ASTM D 86 167 Max °C
3 Flash Point ASTM D 93 25 Min °C
4 Density @ 15°C ASTM D 4052 0.77 Max kg/m3
5 Evaporation Rate @ 25°C Calculated 55 Max n-BuAc=100
6 Aromatic Content ASTM D 1319 < 0.002 %
7 Mixed Aniline Point ASTM D 611 62 Min °C
8 Kinetic Viscosity @ 25°C ASTM D 445 0.99 Max Cst
9 Color (Saybolt) ASTM D 156 +30
10 Refractive Index @ 20°C ASTM D 542 6 Max
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