ARH-D60 is a dearomatized hydrocarbon solvent that consists of C10-C12 paraffin and naphthenes. It is a petroleum-based product that is obtained by hydrogenation. It is a low aromatic solvent having low impurities and a sweet odor. It can be used as an alternative to kerosene, white spirits, and mineral turpentine.

Arham Petrochem manufactures D60 solvent that has a high level of solvency that can be beneficial in automotive workshops, factory purposes, cleaning and degreasing metal works, and in other formulations because of its versatility. Contact us today and get your free quote now.


Sr. No. Parameter Test Method Sales Specs Unit
1 Initial Boiling Point ASTM D 86 180 Min °C
2 Final Boiling Point ASTM D 86 215 Max °C
3 Flash Point ASTM D 93 60 Min °C
4 Density @ 15°C ASTM D 4052 0.80 Max kg/m3
5 Evaporation Rate @ 25°C Calculated 8 Max n-BuAc=100
6 Aromatic Content ASTM D 1319 < 0.002 %
7 Mixed Aniline Point ASTM D 611 68 Min °C
8 Kinetic Viscosity @ 25°C ASTM D 445 1.70 Max Cst
9 Color (Saybolt) ASTM D 156 +30
10 Refractive Index @ 20°C ASTM D 542 1.500 Max