Fuel Additive Production: 5 Solvent Characteristics To Look For

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Engines are the heart of the automobile industry. The market requirements of the engine industry are changing rapidly. One key factor that is driving the fuel additives industry is performance optimization. A lot is dependent on fuel additives to make engines run at full potential.

Solvents play an important role in the production of high-quality fuel additive formulations. They have applications as a carrier fluid in additives to improve the environmental compatibility of the engines.

The fuel additive industry is the most dynamic industry you can ever come across. As soon as there is a change in engine structures, requirements, or change in regulations for fuel compositions, a need for higher quality fuel additives arises. To develop a fuel additive having new specifications, different active molecules are combined in a single additive formulation with the help of carrier fluids that contain aromatic solvents.

Heavy aromatic solvents are used to ensure consistent high-quality additives that comply with new policies and specifications. Aromatic solvents are having great applications as a solvent in the following verticals:

  • Demulsifiers
  • Defoamers
  • Cetane Improvers
  • Extreme Pressure Additives
  • Cold Flow Additives
  • Emulsifiers manufacturing
  • Paints and Coatings

High purity solvent naphthas with consistent quality are required to manufacture a high-quality product from a base fuel. Unique additives with high-quality aromatics are required consistently to maintain specifications and enable sophisticated formulations. Below are the 5 key characteristics of solvents to keep in mind while selecting a solvent supplier:

#1 Consistent Solvent Quality

The quality of the solvent should be stable for every batch. It should not keep on changing from batch to batch. Having consistent quality makes the process easier by skipping the testing phase.

#2 High Purity Solvent

The solvent should be of high quality having more than 99% of aromatic purity. A heavy aromatic solvent is perfect for industrial purposes and can be used in mixed or pure form.

#3 Long-term storage stability

The quality of the solvent should not get affected even after storing for a long time. A lot of times you might have seen that the color of the solvent degrades after few days. You should always select a supplier that provides you with solvents having long-term storage ability.

#4 Fewer Temperature Fluctuations

The solvent should not fluctuate with temperature and remain stable. If the solvent starts fluctuating with density, changes occur in its density, color, and all other physical properties. So, you should choose a solvent supplier that supplies you with a solvent having resistant to temperature fluctuation.

#5 Low Naphthalene Content

The solvent should have options available in the low naphthalene series. To meet the European labeling requirements, the solvent should be having low naphthalene content. You should choose a solvent supplier who can provide you with Naphthalene Depleted Solvent Naphtha throughout the year.

Your supplier should keep these things in mind and deliver the highest quality solvent without compromising any properties. Apart from the product, your supplier should also take care of the logistics and continuous supply. The solvents that are supplied must have different properties that can be used to increase production as per the specifications and should comply with all the legal requirements.

Arham Petrochem produces tailor-made high purity solvents such as Solvent Naphtha 150ND and Solvent Naphtha 200ND that has low naphthalene content and ultra-low naphthalene content to meet strict requirements. We provide a range of services from laboratory facilities for assuring maximum quality to giving personal advice on the problems faced during or after the transportation of solvents.

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