Furnace Oil is a type of fuel oil that is specially used for generating heat in furnaces. It is a heavy, dark,  viscous fluid that is obtained by blending various residual fluids with middle distillates. Due to the viscosity of the Furnace Oil, it should be pre-heated before use. The fuel should be filtered before use to avoid any stove and nozzle choking.

Furnace Oil provides economical benefits to you as it is cheaper as compared to coal and has more benefits as compared to its peers. It helps the boiler and furnace last longer as it does not have any ash or dust problems. Furnace Oil is mainly used in Furnaces, Air preheaters, Bunkers, and DG sets. Arham Petrochem produces Furnace Oil that is used in various industries by our clients across the globe. Our product has great flow and can be used directly in the pre-heating process. Contact us today to know more about this residual fuel and get your quote today.


1 Appearance Visual Black Black
2 Density 30°C IS : 1448 P : 16 0.92 – 0.95 0.97 – 1.0 gm/ml.
3 Flash Point IS : 1992 P : 69  65 – 70  90 – 110 °C
4 Flash Point IS : 1992 P : 69  65 – 70  90 – 110 °C
5 Pour Point IS : 1448 P : 10 27 Max 27 Max °C
6 Water Content IS : 1448 P : 40 Nil Nil Nil
7 Sulfur Compounds IS : 1448 P : 33 4.0 Max 4.0 Max % by mass
8 Ash IS : 1448 P : 04 0.1 Max 0.3 Max % by mass
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