Solvent Naphtha 150 ND(also known as Aromatic Solvent Naphtha 150 naphthalene depleted) is a heavy aromatic grade solvent having more than 99% of an aromatic compound and less than 1% of naphthalene. The CAS number for Heavy Aromatic 150 ND is 64742-94-5.

Naphthalene Depleted Aromatic 150 Solvent are heavy grade fluids having high solvency that make them the perfect choice for industrial and agricultural applications. Aromatic Solvent 150 ND is an odorless, colorless, and transparent liquid. Naphthalene depleted solvents are used to meet the European labeling requirements.

Solvent Naphtha 150 ND is mainly made up of C10-C12 hydrocarbons among which C10 is present in the predominant amount. It is derived by the distillation of aromatic streams of crude oil. Solvent 150 ND has high flash points, low hazardous air pollutants, low sulfur content, and high boiling points.

Solvent Naphtha 150 ND can be used as a wash oil for cracked ethylene gas compressor, carrier solvent, polymer plant compressor cleaning, paints, coatings manufacturing, oil field chemicals, agrochemicals, pesticides, ink solvents, industrial cleaning applications, and in the concrete industry for diluting acrylic sealers.

Arham Petrochem manufactures and supplies Aromatic Solvent 150 ND in India and globally. Contact Us now to get TDS and SDS of Solvent 150 ND and sample.


1 Color ASTM D 1500 0.0 – 0.0+ 0.0 ASTM
2 Appearance Visual Clear Liquid Clear Liquid   –
3 Density @ 15°C ASTM D 4052 0.895 Max 0.885 Kg/L
4 Flash Point – PMCC ASTM D 93 62 Min 64 °C
5 Aromatic Content ASTM D 1319 98 Min 99.9 %
6 Mixed Aniline Point ASTM D 611 14 Max 12 °C
7 Boiling Range ASTM D 86 As under As under °C
 7(A) Initial Boiling Point  ASTM D 86 175 Min 180  °C
 7(B) Final Boiling Point  ASTM D 86 210 Max 208  °C
8 Naphthalene Content GC MS 0.9 Max 0.67 %
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