Arham Petrochem produces some tailor-made solvents as per the applications. These solvents are known as Heavy Aromatic Solvent Specialties. Our range of specialty solvents includes Compressor Wash Oil, Flux Oil for Quench Tower, Pseudocumene, Methylnaphthalene, and Xolene.

Wash Oil and Flux Oil are mostly used in cleaning 0f Cracked Ethylene Gas Compressor and Quench Towers of Ethylene Cracker. Arham Petrochem specializes in the production of Wash Oil and Flux Oil. We ensure that you will get the best quality products always. Contact us to know more about the Heavy Aromatic Specialties.

Wash Oil
Wash Oil For Cracked Gas Compressor
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Flux Oil
Flux Oil For Quench Towers
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1,2,4 - Trimethyl Benzene
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Methyl Naphthalene
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