Residual Aromatic Extract(RAE) are solvent extracts of the residues obtained from a vacuum tower during the refining of base stocks and petroleum oils. RAE is also known as Plaxolene and Plaxene and is mainly used for manufacturing rubber and plastic.

ARH-XOLENE is a Residual Aromatic Extract and is used mainly as blending components in heavy fuels, process oils, the diluent solvent in PVC plasticizer, petroleum resins and pitches, seals, feedstock for carbon black, rubber softener, dip gloves, plastic sheeting, plastic shoes, cable sheath, and plastic hose.

Arham Petrochem manufactures residual aromatic extract that reduces the viscosity of rubber compounds, optimizes formulation costs, facilitates rubber processing steps, improves low-temperature performance, improves fuel consumption, and improves braking efficiency. Contact Us now to get a free quote and SDS and TDS for this product.


Sr. No. Parameter Grade 50 Grade 100 Grade 150 Unit
1 Appearance Pale Yellow to Orange Red but clear liquid Brown but clear liquid Visual
2 Initial Boiling Point 300 Min 175 Min 190 Min °C
3 Final Boiling Point 400 Max 360 Max 390 Max °C
4 Specific Gravity @ 15°C 1.2 Max 0.97 Max 1.0 Max
5 Aromatic Content 85 Min 98 Min 98 Min %
6 Refractive Index 1.55 Max 1.55 Max 1.55 Max
7 Sulfur Content 25 Max 50 Max 50 Max ppm
8 Aniline Point 35 Max 20 Max 20 Max °C