Heavy Aromatic Solvents For Agrochemical Formulations

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 A lot of people are dependent on the agriculture segment to earn their bread. As our population is increasing day-by-day, the demand for food is increasing with it. The agricultural industry is trying new ways like the usage of agrochemicals to meet the product demand. Not the latest one, but the most effective one is this method. The agricultural industry is committed to meet the food demand of the increasing population by increasing the quality and quantity of the production. We produce Heavy Aromatic Solvent for Agrochemicals that helps in making a significant contribution to the increased food demand.

The agricultural sector nowadays is more advanced than it used to be before. The sector mainly depends on the development of sustainable processes. The usage of sustainable products helps economically, socially, and morally. The demand for crop protection chemicals that yields great quality crops and has consistent quality, great environmental compatibility, and precisely tailored properties is increasing.

heavy aromatic solvent for agrochemical formulations

How is Sustainability achieved in agriculture?

Nowadays, in the agriculture sector, the quality of the product, customer service, sustainability, and regular compliance, all are necessary. Arham Petrochem offers a wide variety of heavy aromatic solvents for crop protection. We offer Heavy Aromatic Solvent 150, Heavy Aromatic Solvent 200, Solvent Naptha 150 ND, and Solvent Naphtha 200 ND. We also offer Ultra Low Naphthalene Series, especially for Agrochemicals. The C10 and C12 aromatics have more than 99% of aromatic purity.

To comply with the environmental policy and application safety, Arham Petrochem produces Ultra-Low Naphthalene series that contains less than 0.1% naphthalene. The special properties of ULN products help others to develop more sustainable products that comply with strict European regulations and requirements. To achieve great sustainability in agrochemical formulations, you should use Heavy Aromatic Solvent 200 (Solvent C12) that allows cost savings by using fewer amounts of solvents (as the solvency is better) and improving the carbon footprint of the agrochemical formulators.

Quality Requirements For Using Heavy Aromatic Solvents In Agrochemicals

There are many requirements necessary for using heavy aromatic solvents in agrochemicals. Apart from physical and chemical properties, the certification plays a great role in choosing a supplier that caters to your demand with consistent quality on time. Heavy Aromatics Solvents play an important role in ensuring the stability of active ingredients(AI). They are used in developing and producing an emulsifiable concentrate(EC) and oil dispersion(OD) agrochemical formulations.

Below is a list of properties that has to be there for considering the solvent for usage:

  • Purity: The heavy aromatic solvents that are going to be used for making agrochemicals must have more than 99% of aromatic content.
  • Stability for the Long term: Long-term stability can only be fulfilled with a consistent supply of high-quality solvents.
  • Solvency Power: A solvent having great solvent properties can be used even in the most sensitive agrochemical formulations.
  • Naphthalene Content: Products having low naphthalene content meet the requirement and comply with strict European legal requirements.
  • Sustainability: Customised products help us to achieve low-cost solutions and improve carbon footprint by reducing solvent usage as it spreads more because it has better solvency.

Arham Petrochem supports agrochemical manufacturers to find the perfect balance between active ingredients (AI) and solvents to improve cost efficiency, product performance, and environmental compatibility by continuously supplying the optimized Heavy Aromatic Solvents. Our experts control the quality of every batch by doing modern analysis and ensuring the quality in the laboratory. We are a REACH & ACHILLES registered company and these certifications motivate us to provide you the best solvents in the industry.

Agricultural sectors are using agrochemicals to increase crop production and decrease crop damage. Arham Petrochem supplies sustainable solvents to meet the demand by the agrochemical sector. 

Arham Petrochem produces petroleum products such as Heavy Aromatic Solvents, Glycols, Isoparaffins, Aliphatic Solvents, and Fuel Oils. We produce custom-made solvents for our clients as per their requirements. Arham Petrochem has a specialty in Heavy Aromatic Solvent 150, Heavy Aromatic Solvent 200, MEG, DEG, and TEG. Contact us to get the best quality aromatic solvents for agrochemical formulations.

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