Refined Naphthalene is a type of Naphthalene having the chemical formula C10H8. It is an aromatic, crystalline compound. It is a simple hydrocarbon compound that is used together with a lot of other chemicals in manufacturing dyestuffs and synthetic resins. Refined Naphthalene is used in the production of dyes, fuels, and plastics. It is obtained by high-temperature cracking of heavy petroleum molecules. The most common application of Naphthalene is in insecticides and pesticides as mothballs.

Arham Petrochem produces high purity Refined Naphthalene and exports it globally and in India. It is a very useful hydrocarbon but precaution should be taken while using it. Naphthalene powder is highly toxic and highly inflammable in nature. It is very stable in nature and has CAS: 91-20-3. It is used in surfactants, fumigants, pyrotechnics, and in many chemical intermediates. Contact us to get your quote for Refined Naphthalene today.


1 Appearance Visual White Crystalline Powder
2 Odour  – Camphor
3 Solidification Point ASTM D 3799 78 – 80
4 Purity GC MS 99 Min %
5 Sulphur Content ASTM D 5453 50 Max PPM
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