Triethylene Glycol(TEG) is obtained as a co-product of MEG along with DEG. It is obtained by doing oxidation of ethylene at high temperature in presence of a catalyst. TEG is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, viscous fluid, often used as a solvent. It has a high flash points, low toxic, and is sweet tasting. It is miscible in water in all proportions and in various other organic solvents like ethanol, acetone, acetic acid, aldehydes, and pyridines.

Arham Petrochem produces TEG that is used to manufacture anti-freeze, building materials, automotive care products, cleaning products, polyester resins, heat transfer fluids, air sanitizer, plasticizer, construction materials, lubricants, paints, coatings, greases, plastic, and rubber products. TEG is preferred over DEG for regular and industrial use because it has less toxicity. Contact us today to know more about TEG and get your quote today.


1 Color Clear liquid Clear liquid
2 Density 1.12 Min 1.125 kg/m3
3 Flash Point 145 Min 156 °C
4 Boiling Point 280 Min 238 °C
5 Pour Point -5 Min -6 °C
6 Molecular Weight 145 Min 151
7 Chemical Formula C6H14O4 C6H14O4
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