About Arham

Petrochemical Company, Founded on 30th March 1997
Arham Petrochem Private Limited

Arham Petrochem Private Limited is a privately held petroleum company, founded on 30th March 1997, which manufactures import substitute specialty chemicals like Heavy Aromatic Solvent Naphtha, Wash Oil, De-Aromatised Hydrocarbons, Glycols, Aliphatic Solvents, and Fuel Oils to supply globally and in India.

Arham Petrochem owns & operates two mid-size petroleum refineries, approved & recognized under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas by the Government of India, located at & around western Indian ports - Anjar, Kutch & Santej, Kalol in Gujarat, processing Petroleum Crude Oil, Condensates & Petrochemical intermediates to produce aromatic solvents.

Arham has grown in leaps over the years and established its presence across the petroleum segment. We have a leading position in the unique niche of the mini petroleum refinery segment. Arham has developed excellent relations and strong business networks over the years by offering high-quality petroleum products.

Arham Petrochem has a highly qualified and technically sound team to process petrochemical products according to the requirements. Our team has great knowledge about petroleum products and their nature and we help you create the perfect petrochemical product according to your requirements.

Arham Petrochem has a team of great Industrialists and Technocrats that have extensive experience in the Petroleum Industry. Arham is providing high-quality petroleum products at the most competitive rates to all the customers.

India is one of the fastest-growing petrochemical markets today and Arham is happy to contribute to the growth by meeting the product demand and increasing the refining capabilities by 5 times in the first phase and 15 times in the second phase by acquiring peer’s refining company in a short span of 5 years

Arham is expanding its presence in the domestic and overseas markets through similar strategic acquisitions & partnerships. The demand for produced petroleum products in India and Overseas is expected to rise further. Apart from the domestic petrochemical market, Arham will continue to market an equal part of its products in the International petrochemical markets, aiming to provide World-class products and services across the globe.