The health and safety of our employeesis our first priority in all our decisions and actions at Arham. We provide our employees a safe workplace and integrate all required standards and procedures laid by Indian Government and competent authorities to ensure our operations should be managed accordingly. We focus on safety matters in a proactive, effective and coordinated manner throughout our organization. Our comprehensive approach to safety includes training, inspections and audits, emergency response preparedness, communications and continuous improvement.


We believe that all major incidents and occupational injuries are preventable and are fully committed to achieving our health and safety objective of no injuries, and no incidents. We aim to be an industry with minimum losses within the petrochemical industry through safer processes, equipment and procedures.

To reduce any possibility of injuries and incidents, we use a systemized approach to identify, control and mitigate risks and drive continuous operational improvement throughout all our system.


A respect for the safety of all Arham personnel is a fundamental responsibility that governs all of our activities. We work hard to provide a safe environment for our employees and to achieve an accident-free, incident-free workplace. With the target of zero accidents, we focus on improving on-the-job safety, process safety and health programs by providing training and awareness programs as well as performance improvement and compliance programs. While world-class performance in safety is critical to each and every employee at Arham, it is equally vital to the success and sustainability of our business.


In the event of an incident, we immediately take action to prevent escalation and make the site safe. All incidents are reported in a timely manner and then investigated to identify root causes. Corrective actions are determined and then implemented to prevent recurrence. Incidents and the knowledge gained from them are communicated to the workforce.

Arham’s unit is fully trained annually for industrial fire fighting. In addition, our teams are members of local Mutual Aid teams and train through drills with other industrial counterparts. These drills ensure that mutual aid is seamless and protects not only industrial facilities, but the community at large.


Our commitment to environmental protection is central to the way we operate our business. We set challenging targets for all our sites to help us continuously improve our environmental performance. Moreover, we seek sustainable operations through energy and resource conservation and by reducing wastes and emissions, and manage change in a manner consistent with this policy.

Throughout our organization, we are committed to leaving the next generations with a healthy, unspoiled environment. As part of our vision of protecting the environment, we assure conformance to the letter and spirit of all applicable EHS&S regulations and legislation, regardless of the degree of enforcement from regulatory and enforcing government agencies. We also participate responsibly and ethically in the regulatory and legislative advocacy process in order to sustain responsible operations that are mutually beneficial to all stakeholders.