Arham Petrochem manufactures and supplies petroleum products like Solvent Naphtha, Glycols, Aromatic Solvents, Synthetic Isoparaffins, Fuel Oil, and other petrochemical products according to your requirement.

We supply high-quality aromatic solvents like Solvent 150, Solvent 200, and other solvent naphthas which are used as a cleansing agent and as a solvent in paints and varnishes.

We supply varieties of Glycols like Monoethylene Glycol (MEG), Diethylene Glycol (DEG), and Triethylene Glycol(TEG), having main applications as a coolant and antifreeze.

Arham manufacture and supply a range of Synthetic Isoparaffins (Syn-IsoPar), having main applications in manufacturing printing inks, paints, and polishes.

We supply various Aliphatic Solvents like Ink Oil, Mineral Turpentine Oil, Orchard Spray Oil, Aluminium Rolling Oil, and Rubber Spray Oil, having applications in manufacturing paints, coatings, enamels, and varnishes.

Arham Petrochem also supply industrial fuels like Bunker fuels, Fuel oil, and Furnace Oil to use in boilers, generators, and in large vessels.

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