Arham Petrochem has always kept sustainability at the center while developing petroleum solutions for our customers. The growing demand for petrochemical products has inspired us to work hard and deliver high-quality products on time.

We take precautions and contribute to environmental protection by taking healthy measures and optimizing the process. With a large variety of specialty fluids, we support our consumers by providing fluids that led to lower emissions.

We maintain high safety standards in the operation of our plants and we ensure that by doing regular maintenance and inspection checks.

Our sustainability policy complies with the rules and standards of environmental protection. This is how we are contributing our bit to the environment and society.

We support the health of our employees and also provide full security and safety equipment to the employees working in the frontline area. We want every employee to be safe and hence we give priority to the same.

We want to contribute to the nation and the environment by increasing the production of petroleum products and meet the export demand and also by reducing hazardous material emissions by optimizing the machinery and workforce.

We will always serve the communities wherever we operate by creating value through environmental care, social responsibility, and economic prosperity. These commitments are an integral part of our sustainability as they help our entire stake-holders like employees, customers, shareholders, and our community. All your support and belief in us helped Arham to create a liveable and sustainable world.

Arham’s sustainability is because of the culture of the company. We have great teamwork and commitment towards our goal and that what makes us proactive in our field.


We do engage with all our employees from time to time to keep morale high and make a positive difference in their approach.


We believe in a transparent and open approach and have been following that in all our transactions Constructive feedback is what we want from our clients while we strive to make ourselves better