ARH-D40 is a low aromatic solvent, based on petroleum fluids.

ARH-D40 is a low aromatic solvent, based on petroleum fluids. It is a volatile organic compound(VOC) having low odor. D40 solvent has lower VOC as compared to other aromatic solvents and it is safe to use because of lower exposure levels. The odorless nature of this fluid helps a lot while application as fewer fumes are produced.

Arham Petrochem manufactures D40 solvents that can be used in the manufacturing of metal works solvent, coatings, rust preventive formulations, and odorless paints. It has a low density as compared to mineral spirits and high solvency as compared to paraffin.

ARH-D40 can also be used in roller wash and fountain chemicals. It has wide applications in print room chemicals as it doesn t damage the rubber rollers. It can also be used as a cleaner in place of MTO and can also be used as an ideal solvent for odorless paints. Contact us to get the high purity D40 solvent now and get the free quote today.

Sr. No. Parameter Test Method Sales Specs Unit
1 Initial Boiling Point ASTM D 86 150 Min °C
2 Final Boiling Point ASTM D 86 195 Max °C
3 Flash Point ASTM D 93 38 Min °C
4 Density @ 15°C ASTM D 4052 0.78 Max kg/m3
5 Evaporation Rate @ 25°C Calculated 25 Max n-BuAc=100
6 Aromatic Content ASTM D 1319 < 0.002 %
7 Mixed Aniline Point ASTM D 611 62 Min °C
8 Kinetic Viscosity @ 25°C ASTM D 445 1.35 Max Cst
9 Color (Saybolt) ASTM D 156 +30
10 Refractive Index @ 20°C ASTM D 542 1.500 Max

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