Spray Oil (Orchard & Rubber)

Spray Oil (Orchard & Rubber)
Spray Oil (Orchard & Rubber)
Spray Oil is a specially developed refined oil used for the protection of trees from insects

Spray Oil is a specially developed refined oil used for the protection of trees from insects, mites, and especially from the San Jose scale. It can be used alone or can be emulsified with water to serve the purpose. The spray oil is made from superior quality base oil with very high paraffinic content and optimal molecular weight. It is mostly sprayed in oil-in-water emulsion form on apple orchards during winters to protect them from the infestation of insects.

Spray oil cuts the air supply of the insect by covering it in oil and this oil does no harm to humans and the environment. It doesn’t pollute the soil nor it has any phytotoxic effect on the plant. Also, it is a biodegradable and residue-free oil that smothers insects in all stages of growth. To use this oil, it should be mixed in water in suitable proportions. Arham Petrochem manufactures spray oil that helps to keep away all types of insects, termites, and pests from all kinds of trees when sprayed upon using spraying equipment.

Rubber Spray Oil is a very low viscosity product that is produced specially for rubber plantations. It has excellent solvency power along with copper components to reduce the spread of fungus on trees. The mixture of rubber spray oil and copper oxychloride spreads evenly on the leaf and stem and inhibits the growth of the pathogens. Contact us today to protect your trees from getting infected and increase your crop production now.

1. Color IS : 1967 P : 12 0.0 0.0 ASTM
2. Appearance Visual Clear Liquid Clear Liquid  
3. Density 30°C IS : 1448 P : 16 0.687 0.688 gm/ml.
4. Aromatic Content IS : 1448 P : 63 1.0 Max 5 Max %
5. Mixed Aniline Point IS : 1448 P : 03 83 Min 95 Min °C
6. Boiling Range IS : 1448 P : 18  As under  As under °C
  IBP   63 Min 60 Min  
  DP   73 Max 75 Max  
7. Non Volatile Residues   0.001 Max 0.005 Max g/100 ml
8. Reaction of Non Volatile Residues   Test pass Test Pass  
9. Doctor Test IS : 1448 P : 19 Negative Negative  
10. Lead GC 0.05 Max 0.10 Max PPM
11. Chlorides (as C1) GC 20 Max 40 Max PPM
12. Bromine Number IS : 1448 P : 44 1 Max 10 Max  

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